Eurovision 2014 – UK top three

As a viewer, Eurovision used to be about trying to listen to loads of songs, most of which I couldn’t understand and trying to decide which one sounded the best, even if meaning was absent.

The challenge was always to stay the course, but I often found myself nodding off as the music droned on. Not so last night, though I will confess to catching it just as the Austrian song was ending.

From there the show had me glued, and I’m wondering if that had anything to do with most of the songs being sung in English? Not in the sense of an overdose of nationalistic pride, more as in, I was able to understand them! 🙂

Graham Norton
Graham Norton

Anyhoo, I did like seeing Graham Norton being singled out by the presenters, and I caught a snippet of the songs I’d missed in the final round-up.

Commiserations to Molly – sleepy lyrics with a dance music rhythm. Not bad. I do wonder if that drummer performed at the Olympic opening ceremony though. 😉

Molly – Children of the Universe (United Kingdom):

How the UK voted:

My favourite song of the night was from The Netherlands. It made me pay full attention to the screen and reminded me of another group I like, The Civil Wars. What would you call it? Modern Country/Folk music?

The Common Linnets
The Common Linnets

The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm (The Netherlands):

The UK vote had this track in 3rd place, they came second in the competition. The UK vote had the song from Malta in 2nd place. Another Folky-kinda sounding song.


Firelight – Coming Home (Malta):

Of course the UK number 1 and overall winner was the song from Austria – the big ballad with hints of a James Bond theme tune. I can see the merit.

Conchita Wurst
Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria):

(Now we just need to find any James Bond baddies who went down in flames to build on my concept for the next new Bond film… ‘The Phoenix Rises’.)

So there we have it, the top three as voted by the UK audience, and maybe a hint toward what we should be aiming for next year… a country, folky, big ballad!

Ps. France… what was the tribal paint about? :-\

Better Mus’ Come

Better Mus’ Come

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BBC News – Star Wars: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill reunite for latest film

Conratulations to John Boyega. 🙂

“John Boyega, a 22-year-old British actor, who previously starred in the inner-London sci-fi Attack the Block. Along with Gleeson and Ridley, he is expected to be one of the ‘trio of new young leads” announced by director Abrams earlier this year.'”

Ahead of Sadler’s Wells street dance convention, ‘Godfather of Hip Hop’ says black artists need a ‘white benefactor’ | Islington Tribune

A willingness to champion a diverse programme is essential in London. Props to Sadler’s, V&A, NT, BFI and some local theatres (Albany, Stratford, Royal Court, Tricycle, Richmond)… Keep up the good work… and do more! 🙂

There’s a long list of arts organisations not mentioned – what are they doing? Let me stand corrected!

Years ago the Royal Opera House held some full on events and they were suprised at the attendance numbers! More support, without fear, needed. #getonit


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