Hyena (18)

Director: Gerard Johnson
Starring: Peter Ferdinando, Stephen Graham, Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, Elisa Lasowski

Synopsis: A gritty, authentic police corruption thriller set on the mean streets of London. Plain clothes detective Michael (Peter Ferdinando) runs a task force targeting the capital’s drug-dealing underworld. But these are no honest coppers. In fact, they’re happy to strike deals with gangsters. Michael himself even invests in their criminal enterprises. But this cosy set-up changes dramatically with the arrival on the scene of two violent Albanian brothers, sparking a vicious turf war.




I was apprehensive as I entered the screening room as the clips I’d seen included some that were fairly bloody.  It wasn’t as bad as I worried about, and ended up being a mix of violence and humour – very British. The characters are superb, as are the locations! In fact, I spent a lot of the film playing spot the location, as it was all in my stomping ground, Harrow Road, Ladbroke Grove, Trellick Tower, Queensway, Oxford Street and Soho! I was pleasantly pleased by this film – a great modern story of drugs and trafficking, and police investigations. The police are as corrupt as ever, and the ‘other’ criminals a pair of Albanian brothers are a no-holds barred violent duo.

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