Laura Mvula with The Metropole Orkest screening at Genesis Cinema

On March 5th, a film of Laura Mvula performing with The Metropole Orkest at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (Nov 2014), will be streamed from the Genesis Cinema, Stepney Green to 160 Cinemas around the world.

Watching live events on the big screen has never quite jelled with me. Granted, that previously it has been stage musicals, (and a rather memorable Def Leppard experience with ‘VIVA! Hysteria’). This meant I approached the pre-screening of this with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried!

The film transported me to the Paradiso, with Laura Mvula, Jules Bukley and the Metropole Orkest. As Laura sang, ‘Can’t Live With The World’, I felt the hairs rise on my neck and sweep up across my scalp, followed by a tickle to my tearducts, and a tingle in my finger tips. The majesty of her voice with the soaring sounds of the orchestra combined so beautifully, I felt lucky to get the chance to experience something that I would have missed out on if it hadn’t been filmed. A truly wonderful record of that night.

The benefits of seeing a concert at the cinema included feet that won’t ache from standing around waiting for the act to start, and the ability to hear the music and her voice without the chatter of an audience. Plus, if you do get to the Genesis on the 5th, there is the added bonus of a live performance on the night. Well worth seeing! As my dad would say, ‘Wow wowwee!’.

If you can’t get to Genesis Cinema, check out this list of cinemas steaming the screening from The  the film:!&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email|1086800853|20150220&utm_source=ukrca-lauramvula&cid=nl%3A1086800853

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