UK cinema release –Friday 30th January 2015

Just a quick heads up to the fact that this film is getting a very limited cinema release in the UK on Friday, 30 January 2015.

It’s the latest film from Nick Broomfield (Director of Biggie & Tupac as well as two films on serial killer Aileen Wuornos – The Selling of a Serial Killer & Life and Death of a Serial Killer) that looks at the case an American serial killer who went by the name of ‘The Grim Sleeper’.

In 2010 Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested and charged with the murder of ten women.  However, it’s believed that over 100 women were the victims of The Grim Sleeper These all took place in or around the South Central Los Angeles, where over the course of 25 years, a killer was able to prey on women in the area. The police did nothing as the victims were mainly black and sex workers.

If you can, I do highly recommend seeing this film.

E C Forde

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